About us


Nik-Sot Group Ltd. is one of the leading producers of hulled sunflower seeds kernels in Bulgaria, operating two independent production lines for sunflower seed kernels.
Our company’s aim is to deliver only the best product to all clients. That is why quality is something our company does not make exceptions with. We check our products very carefully in every step, from the raw material , its storage towards production, packing and transportation. That is how we make sure to deliver the best quality for our clients.

Throughout the years, we have proven ourselves as a reliable partner for many international companies in Europe, USA, Canada, China, Australia, South Africa, South Korea and many more.

In our production facilities, we have two laboratories assuring that only the best quality of raw materials is accepted for processing and only the best quality of produced goods will be delivered to our customers.
We have modern warehouses and silos for storing our raw materials, including a pre-cleaning and grading facility.
Our production lines are equipped with the latest technology from Cimbria-Heid , Buhler A series Ingaas/Multivision Color Sorters and Tomra X-ray sorting equipment. We are constantly improving our quality and making sure our clients get only the best products.

Nik-Sot Group Ltd. is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the agricultural sector. Operating big scale farming with 10 000 Ha of own and leased lands, including modern warehouses in 5 different locations across the country with total storage capacity of 220 000 mt. Our company is one of the most experienced grain and oilseeds exporter with annual trading capacity up to 500 000tons.The company also owns a factory for crude and refined sunflower oil production.