Bakery Sunflowers Seed Kernels

Bakery grade sunflower kernels – Mechanically hulled and cleaned sunflower kernels, produced from oil bearing sunflower seeds, mostly used in the bakery industry, as ingredient.

The most common product used in the bread/bakery industry. Sunflower kernels is a product rich in Vitamin E and a very good source of copper and Vitamin B1. In addition to that , kernels provide magnesium , selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, folate and niacin. Providing the their specific fatty acids in the form of linoleic acids, this makes kernels part of every healthy meal.

Certified by: BRC, FSMA, IFS, ISO 22 000,ISO 9001,Kosher,Halal

Product name: Sunflower Kernels

Product type: Bakery grade

Origin: 100% BULGARIA

Color: grey-white, long-circle kernels

Adour and flavor: fresh, nutty, not bitter, not rancid

Consistence: firm, not brittle

Purity: %99,99min, free from stones, glass, metal, wood, hairs and plastic. Checked by Best Ixus 570 X-ray and Buhler InGaAs / Multivision technology.


Physical features:
Impurities (organic):  <0.01%

Unhulled kernels:  <0.1%

Broken kernels: <5 % (smaller than half kernel)

Insects: none

Count/100gr: 2200 +/-10% pcs

Moisture: < 8 % max

Average nutritional values in 100g

Energy value 2729 kJ Available carbohydrates 5.3 g
Calorific value 661 kcal   Sugar 3.34 g
Crude protein 21.96 g Sodium 3.90 mg
Total lipid (fat) 62.85 g Calcium 98.0 mg
  Saturated fat 8.65 g Iron 3.89 mg
  Monounsaturated fat 21.3 g Magnesium 272.4 mg
  Polyunsaturated fat 32.9 g Zinc 5.51 mg
Total dietary fiber 6.66 g Copper 1.85 mg


Processing information

Processing Mechanically hulled
Heat treatment None
Irradiation/ Ionization treatment None
GMO None
Additives None
Preservatives and processing aids None