Premium Sunflower Seed Kernels

Bakery premium sunflower kernels - Mechanically hulled and cleaned sunflower kernels, produced from oil bearing sunflower seeds, the kernels being bigger than traditional bakery type. Used mostly in the bakery industry, on top of products or as ingredient.

Certified by: BRC, FSMA, IFS, ISO 22 000,ISO 9001,Kosher,Halal

Product name:
Sunflower Kernels

Product type: Bakery premium grade

Product description: Mechanically hulled and cleaned



Product features:
Color: grey-white, long-circle kernels

Adour and flavor: fresh, nutty, not bitter, not rancid

Consistence: firm, not brittle

Purity: %99,99min, free from stones, glass, metal, wood, hairs and plastic. Checked by Best Ixus 570 X-ray and Buhler InGaAs / Multivision technology.


Physical features:
Impurities (organic):  <0.01%

Unhulled kernels:  <0.1%

Broken kernels: <5 % (smaller than half kernel)

Count/Оz: 540 +/- 20 pcs

Insects: none

Insect damage: <1%

Moisture: < 8 % max

Average nutritional values in 100g:

Energy value 2729 kJ Available carbohydrates 5.3 g
Calorific value 661 kcal   Sugar 3.34 g
Crude protein 21.96 g Sodium 3.90 mg
Total lipid (fat) 62.85 g Calcium 98.0 mg
  Saturated fat 8.65 g Iron 3.89 mg
  Monounsaturated fat 21.3 g Magnesium 272.4 mg
  Polyunsaturated fat 32.9 g Zinc 5.51 mg
Total dietary fiber 6.66 g Copper 1.85 mg


Processing information

Processing Mechanically hulled
Heat treatment None
Irradiation/ Ionization treatment None
GMO None
Additives None
Preservatives and processing aids None