New generation technologies for high level of product safety

Buhler Sortex A lngaas Multivision / OPTICAL & INFRARED SORTING industrial leading SORTEX A technology to sort the smallest and most difficult foreign bodies and product defects. Individual seeds pass the SORTEX A "1-by-1" in high speed. A unique 4 chute machine for high capacities. The machine uses high-resolution optical cameras, enabling the detection of color differentiation, subtle defects and foreign matter (e.g. Moisture defect, Shells, Wood, Cardboard, Stones, Mud, Insect damage, Plastic and Glass). 
The Infrared /lnGaAs option uses shortwave technology. This makes it possible to remove invisible-to-the-human-eye defects and 
hard-to-detect foreign material.

For our large kernels a shape recognition sorting is added on top of the optical and lnGaAs sorting. For our kernels the shape system adds a further layer of assurance for food quality.
Ixus TM

The lxus™ Bulk is high capacity food sorting machine for high volume processing x-ray sorter provides the safest solution. By implementing the latest x-ray 
and imaging software technology, the effective removal of metal, stones, pits. glass. high density plastics, etc., is guaranteed.

High End Packaging

We use fully automated packaging lines to answer our customers needs. Depending on the customers requirements we offer a different choice for paper bags, PP bags or big bags. Once filled the bags are automatically sewed and stacked on the pallets by a robot. Our goods are fully protected with layers of wrapping foil during storage, loading, transport and delivery.